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Underage Preteen

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 08:07:54 +0200From: natan10hotmail.comSubject: "Driving Me Wild"**********************Time: 07:57 Tuesday October 6 1998 DRIVING ME WILD by natan10hotmail.comThe stories which I write are not always true stories. Actually, theyrarely are. They are entirely fictional. They grew out of a desire to putdown in words many "fantasy dreams" which I have had. I am bisexual,married and white with two grown children. I love sex with a man and, in myreal world, it is no stranger to me. My stories are intended for matureeyes only and are always based on male/male relationships. There is noviolence, S&M, bondage, etc. in my works. If you liked the story, let meknow. If you didn't like the story, I would also appreciate a note and anexplanation why ... otherwise, I won't get anywhere, will I? Feel very freeto write me anything you'd like. I look forward to hearing from anyoneinterested in responding to these stories. All I am trying to achieve in mywriting is to make you feel good. Really good.If you want to write me just to "get off", then do so. After all, this iswhy we exist and who we are. In my stories 'condoms' do not exist. In ourreal world, condoms MUST exist. In our own personal fantasies, however, sexis idealized the way we would really like it to be - raw skin and norubber. But remember: Safe sex must be the only way!**************"Driving Me Wild" by natan10hotmail.comI had decided that instead of taking the Greyhound to get to you, I wouldhitch instead. Hitchiking is actually a great way to get to a destination,as you never know who you could meet. Of course you must always be verycautious when standing alone on a stretch of road with your finger outhitching as there are some very weird people out there. But I was totallyfilled with anticipation, the sun was shining and I was in great spirits -so my eyes were always on the lookout. Now, thinking back about that day, Irelive it over and over again ... The sun was warm and a soft breeze stirred the leaves. I felt refreshedand ready for the trip. I only had to wait about half an hour beforesomeone pulled over. I distinctly remember hoping that he would befriendly. He introduced himself as David, and proceeded to tell me that hisdestination was the same as mine. I was obviously excited and he offerredme the lift. He told me that it is a two-hour ride to my destination fromwhere we were, so I may as well put my knapsack in the trunk of his car,which I happily did and then, thanking him for his offer, climbed aboard.In a flash we were off. We were driving down the road at a nice pace and I was taking in thesights. The country around his neck of the woods is beautiful I discovered.Rolling hills and Underage Preteen plenty of tree coverage. The country road twists andwinds Underage Preteen through the rolling hills. It was Underage Preteen a very relaxing sensation. Iglanced over at my driver and found him to be a bit older than myself. Hetold me that he is married with 4 children and he was returning from a3-day business trip and anxious to get home. I told him Underage Preteen a bit about mysojourns and, in this way, we were able to enter into pleasantconversation. At the time, I couldn't stop thinking about my family who Imissed terribly. My wife had just been promoted to head of her departmentand the kids were away at summer camp. I was on my way to visit my cousinwhom I hadn't seen in about 2 years. David began to turn the topic to sex and I started to feel a bituncomfortable as this is something I don't usually discuss with otherpeople. Only my loving wife. I noticed that he continued to look at mewhile driving and I also had noticed that his eyes wandered frequentlyacross my body and down to my lap. For some reason, I felt a slight twitch.Trying to ignore this feeling, I changed the topic of discussion, but Davidwas adamant. Not wanting to be rude to him, I began to answer some of hisquestions and conversation. "Sure," I've had sex with other women before mymarriage. No ... never really thought about homosexual sex. "Of course," Isaid, "I know there is a growing interest in homosexuality, although I havenever given it any thought." He proceeded to tell me that he is gay and doI mind having a lift with someone who is gay. "No problem", I told him ...I am Underage Preteen a free and easygoing individual. I respect my fellow man and know thatthere are many kinds of people on this globe. Actually, I have been curiousabout the gay scene. Homosexuality is really no stranger to me. We have afew friends who are either gay or bisexual and they have on occasion triedto get me more interested. I usually just joke with them, but have neverthought of myself having sex with a man. I had taken an even closer look at my driver and noticed how incrediblyhandsome he was. I remember thinking to myself then that if I were gay, Idefinitely would Underage Preteen be attracted to him as he was "male" to perfection. Theperfect face - chiselled, structured. An aquiline nose. He had a swimmer'schest, yet not too broad from "overworking" and his thighs strong andthick. We stopped for a coffee along the way and I saw David's full statureas we left the car to go into the truck stop. He watched my eyes on him andI guess his mind was thinking something entirely Underage Preteen different from my own ashe then winked at me. Being the "flirt" that I am in my normal life, Iinstinctively smiled and winked back at him. A wink is always infectious!We finished our coffee after a nice 20-minute conversation about thecountry we were driving through and our families. I began to take a likingto David, as he seemed so pleasant, not aggressive, with a soft, kind facewith striking blue eyes. We got back in the car and continued on our way. We were only driving forabout 10 minutes when I saw David put his hand on the seat between us. Ididn't understand why he was doing what he was doing, but he proceeded to"massage" the seat between us. Very strange, I thought. I fixated on thisas it was an unusual thing to do and, being the very physical person that Iam, this attracted me as it filled the car, and myself, with a very sensualfeeling. As could be expected, it began to make my cock begin to expand. Ithen noticed a very distinct bulge in David's pants. He obviously feltexcited and I noticed that he put his hand on this bulge and shifted itaround a bit. I guess he became a bit embarrassed. I told him that heshouldn't have to worry. "Nothing embarrasses me". Once again the topicturned toward sex. He asked me if I ever thought of having sex with a man.I told David that I was very happy with my life with my wife and I hadnever even thought of sex with a man. Upon reflecting back to that day andexperience, I remembered that while we were discussing this matter, my mindhad roamed and I was investigating my feelings more in depth and I told himthat idea did not repulse me. As I said, I am not embarrassed by anything. David then asked me if I minded if he took off his shirt while we drove ashe was quite hot. I told him that he was free to do as he wished. Hestopped the car, got out and stood up right next to the driver's seat andunbuckled his pants a bit. He took off his shirt and I couldn't help butnotice once again of how handsome he was. His physique held a fascinationfor me. But there was something about his body. I gazed at him and at hisbody and took a very close look at his face as he was taking off his shirt.I told him of how he looked very familiar to me and I couldn't figure outfrom where. Underage Preteen He responded by telling me that I was correct - he is awell-known model. His chest had the perfect spray of hair. His abdomen wascompletely flat, yet muscular. He had a magnificent tan. He got back in the car and I couldn't help but notice that he left hisbelt buckle undone and the zipper was down a bit. He definitely had a bulgein his pants. I also noticed he was wearing old-fashioned boxers but of abrilliant shade of blue. Quite noticeable also was his "fly", which wasspread open a bit, giving me a view of his crotch. I couldn't take my eyesoff of him. He noticed this and his hand went down to his crotch and justrested there while he continued driving with one hand on the wheel. My eyesdid not have to go down to my own crotch to know what was happening. Allmales know that feeling. I was definitely getting a hardon and I started toget quite turned on by this situation, the scenery, David and myself. And Iknow that he noticed. Without warning, he moved his free hand once again to the seat between usand again began to massage the seat. I couldn't keep my eyes off his hand.It kept circling the material and pulling it into his palm as his handmoved closer and closer to me in every-expanding circles. I found thistotally erotic. I was now fully erect and I was dumbfounded as to why. Thisshould not have been happening to me. I'm married. I'm happily married. Yetthere I was. A huge boner. Surprisingly, I wasn't embarrassed. I was veryturned on. And then I did something which, to this day, I will always remember as itturned my life completely around - I told him how turned on I was. Davidthen mentioned that it was natural. Many guys were turned on by him. Afterall, he is a model and in the public image and he is known for hisincredible physique and appearance. He then put his hand on my thigh. Ididn't stop him. I actually gave into him. He began to fumble in my crotchand I just relaxed even more, adjusting my body in order to give him easieraccess. Once again, I couldn't believe I was doing this. It all seemed sonatural. I reminded myself of my own freedom from inhibitions and the way Iwas brought up by my loving parents. Never to let experiences escape. Toexperience life and all it has to offer. So I had decided that I would letwhatever was to happen, happen. I told him that I was now definitelycurious as to sex with a male and what it was and meant and I told him thatit was Underage Preteen actually an honor for me to be "seduced" by someone Underage Preteen as famous andhandsome as he. He pulled his hand off my crotch and placed it back on his own. Davidpulled his cock out from his briefs and I saw the most beautiful cock Ihave ever seen in my life. It was about 8 inches cut, with a thick shaftthe color of slightly whitened coffee. The base was covered in the darkesthair that I had seen. The mushroom head was a perfect shape and stuckstraight up and over the steering wheel. He began to run his hand up anddown his shaft in a very sensuous, erotic way. My hands automatically fellinto my own crotch which David noticed. He suggested that in order for meto start to feel comfortable with another man in this position, I should dothe same. I unzipped my pants and pulled my own throbbing shaft out. Davidthen told me to release it even more by lowering my pants. Desperatelywanting to explore my feelings and wanting David to aid me, I did as hesuggested. I put my Underage Preteen hand under my buttocks and pulled my pants down alongwith my briefs, allowing my own 7-inch cut cock to stand completely free.His hand immediately encircled the shaft. He was kind enough to ask me if Iminded and I said not at all. We felt close to each other. It felt correct.It felt warm. It felt good! And then more and more strange emotions began to take their hold on me. Ifound that I actually desired to have sex with him - the first man Underage Preteen ever inmy life. For some reason, it all felt as natural as ... well ... justsitting there. I moved my hand across the void between us. I hesitatinglyput my palm around his shaft and gently felt the skin and rubbed his shafta bit with my hand. He suggested that if I wanted to try somethingdifferent, I should lean over and put my mouth on his stick. Once again, Ifollowed my teacher's orders. He should know. And I felt comfortable. I didso. It felt really really nice. While I was leaning over the Underage Preteen seat betweenus, my head in his lap, he once again moved his arm all the way over andencircled my own cock with his hand, but not before he ran his hand aroundand all over my back and felt the top of my buttocks a little. Was it a sign that I had been looking for this? What was it exactly? Iactually then suggested that we pull off the road, as I was gettingincreasingly turned on by our movements! I was astonished with myself whenI told him that I wanted us to get undressed and completely free and didn'twant our movements to cause an accident. David did not have to think twice,and very shortly after, pulled off the road. I began to tremble inexcitement. A new experience. A strange feeling. Sex with a man. My ownsex. My feelings were driving me wild. I discovered that I was much too excited by looking at David's cock. Ididn't even hear him tell me that he wanted to take the blanket he had inhis trunk and that we should move over to the shady area under the treeswhich were about 10 metres from the car. I had begun to perspire with anticipation. David actually thanked me forhappening along the road while he was on his way home. He said that it wassheer luck that he had this chance meeting with me. David continued toexpound on how lucky it was for him to find a partner (which he said healways wanted) that was as "open" and as "free-spirited" as myself. Hecontinued by saying that he found me intriguing and very stimulating. Hewas very excited about the fact that he was "my first" and that he wasgoing to "break me in". I then retorted by telling him that I was honoredto have found someone as sensitive and understanding as he. We were both then filled with mutual excitement, and a sense of immediacypervaded the atmosphere. We jumped from the car, David pulled the blanketfrom the trunk and we quickly moved over to the ground and laid the blanketdown. Then we just stopped and stared at one another. Instinctively, weboth pulled towards each other and embraced. We held each other tight andour mouths met - tongues probed ... searched ... seeking ... together inmutual desire. We fell to the ground and continued in our embrace. We pacedourselves just a little slower, as David really wanted me to enjoy themoment and the sensations which he said he wanted to give me. He asked me to undress him. A bit shakily, I reached over and pulled hisjeans down, leaving his sexy briefs attached to his waist by his ownrequest. He proceeded to pull my head down and placed it on his chest,telling me to lick around his nipples and see if I liked it. I felt just alittle uncomfortable as I was still dressed. But I did as he said,immediately forgetting that fleeting feeling. I heard a soft moan escapehis mouth. He told me to use my hands to "explore" his body. I did so and Itook about 15 minutes to search him out, yet still feeling a littlehesitant. He lifted himself a bit from the blanket and leaned over andkissed me. He then told me to lie completely flat. I laid flat on my backand awaited the next episode. He slowly leaned over me and ran his hands upand down my body, massaging a little here, a little here, asking all thewhile if I was enjoying the feelings. I nodded my head in obvious approval.He slowly unzipped my zipper. His hand wandered around through the opening,searching and touching. I was on fire. He lowered only slightly the top ofmy briefs and pulled the top part of my enraged cock out. My wife had never made me this horny! He gently took my hand and rested iton his crotch while he Underage Preteen lowered my jeans completely leaving me only in mybriefs. He then suggested, or rather told me, to rest my head in his crotchand, if I felt good, to sort of "suck" on his briefs around his cock. Itwas then that I realized why he was such a good teacher. The feeling waswonderful. I began to surround his cock, through his briefs, with my mouthand continued by gently chewing on his hard shaft through the softmaterial. I felt the shape of his magnificent tool. While I was doing this,he lowered his briefs only slightly to allow his cock to come a little morefree. I licked the sides, totally absorbed in my actions. His cock wasbeautiful. An incredible and new feeling overcame me as I slowly inched mymouth up his shaft. It was the statue of Adonis. Now filled with wildabandon, my hands hastily pulled his briefs right down and over his cock.My mouth hungrily covered him. I was amazed at my own actions. I had never dreamt in my wildest dreamsthat I would be doing this to another man. It was obviously David'sincredible sex appeal, working on me like a magical spell. I bobbed on his cock with a frenzy I never believed I had. He moaned moreand more as I pumped ever faster with this new-found emotion. Suddenly, Ifelt a spray of hot delicious cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed. Idrank every drop while moaning and writhing with the experience. I suckedhim completely dry. I exulted in my emotions. David told me he wanted more.He wanted my cock down his throat and he also wanted to drink from my cup.His cock remained rock-hard. His eyes wandered over to me and my ownthrobbing tool, precum flowing like a river from the cockhead. David'smouth watered as his hand found its mark around my shaft, milking everydrop of emotion from me. Once again, as if rehearsed time and time again, we moved into a 69position - David deep-throated me while I once again sucked him down mythroat. I massaged his cock, loving him, loving the feeling, emotionflowing in torrents from my entire being. David moaned even louder as Isucked like a vacuum, telling me what a magnificent lover I was. He praisedmy instinctive feelings Underage Preteen and actions. My body was wracked with sensations Inever knew possible. My precum disappeared down his throat. The perfectteacher! He taught me in one very short hour what it is like to love aman's body. Passionately, I exclaimed: "Thank you David!" and,instantaneously I exploded - my hot manjuice finding its way down David'sthroat, while he retaliated by shooting his second load which I hungrilydevoured - deep, deep down into my belly where it remained. I then turned around and kissed David, my kiss Underage Preteen and searching tongueexpressing to my teacher the experience that he gave me which I will takewith me for the rest of my life.*************I really hope you liked what you have read. If you would like to read more,please write to me and tell me. I shall be happy to oblige.natan10hotmail.comAnd don't be afraid to put your own fantasies and feelings down on paper.It just happens to Underage Preteen be wonderful therapy! If you like, you can write yourfantasy and send it off to me. I'd love to read it.
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